In June of 2014, I started a project with my then 8 year old daughter Lily.  I wanted her to read the Little House on the Prairie series so badly because they were my favorites at that age. But she likes fantasy books more so it involved a little persuasion.  I suggested that we read the books together and at the end of each book, think of a couple of main themes and design quilt blocks around those ideas.  I shared the tutorials for the blocks as we went, hoping others might want to sew along.  And they did!  We used the hashtag #littlehousealong on Instagram to share.

Well, I am starting this up again now, in January of 2017, with my daughter Penny who is now in the second grade.  We’d like to invite new readers to join us.  All the block tutorials are listed below.  Lily’s version will have the tutorial, but you might check out Penny’s too to see her fabric selections!

Log Cabin: Lily’s version, Penny’s version

Black Susan: Lily’s version, Penny’s version

Mary’s Nine Patch: Lily’s version, Penny’s version

Pet and Patty: Lily’s version

Maple Leaf: Lily’s version

Barn: Lily’s version

Almanzo’s Pumpkin: Lily’s version

Sheep: Lily’s version

Church: Lily’s version

Wheat: Lily’s version

Wild Geese Flying into the Sunset: Lily’s version

Lone Star in the Night Sky: Lily’s version

Winter Window: Lily’s version

Eagle Feather: Lily’s version

Blackbird: Lily’s version

Shirt: Lily’s version

Chalkboard: Lily’s version

Dove in the Window: Lily’s version

Rose’s Letter Blocks: Lily’s version

Musical Notes: Lily’s version